Special Customized Trailer

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Special Customized Trailer

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Product Description:
a) The Girder bridge has two lifting suspension to adjust the height of the cargo.
b) The loading beams of the girder bridge has two hang beams among the loading beams which load the cargo directly. And the width of the girder bridge is adjustable.
c) The Girder bridge has weight sharing beams with the hydraulic modular trailer.
d) The Girder bridge has steering cylinders around the rear lifting cylinders.

3-Line 6-Axis Heavy Flat Trailer
3 Line 6 Axles 120tons and 150tons Lowbed Lowboy Low Loader Trailer

Product Parameters:
Product Name Heavy Haul Trailer
Dimensions (Lx W x H) 14000x3000x1600mm (can be customized)
Payload 100tons
Axle 6*16ton FUWA brand
Suspension Mechanical suspension with 10/10/10
Main Beam Height:500mm,upper plate is 20mm,down plate is 20mm,middle plate is 10mm.
Material: Q345B Steel
Through beam and Side beam 14# channel steel,16 U shaped steel or channel steel
Platform thickness 4.0mm thick chequer plate with supporting channe
Tire Triangle brand, 12R22.5 (12pcs)
Traction Pin 2”(50mm)or 3.5”(90mm)traction pin
Landing Leg 28T load landing leg
Brake system Dual Line braking system/Optional ABS
Brake chamber Six double chamber
Electrical System 24v, 7core socket, LED lights (suitable for all market)
Painting Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats
Remark: All the products we can customize fo you,if you have any inquiries about our products,please contact us,we will give you the most reasonable price,the most perfect service,the fastest delivery time and best products!

Our Advantage
A.Promise a one-year warranty period, during this period, under normal use if there is damage to the accessories, we will provide our customers with free new accessories.
B.Operational problems, technical configuration issues, etc., We will promptly provide feasible solutions for our customers.
C.We are serious about after-sales service. Special Customized Trailer
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