China Fresh Fruit Air Column Bag

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China Fresh Fruit Air Column Bag

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※ Our company
Pack Well Air Packaging Co., Ltd also known as Guangzhou PackBest Air Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2006. We are now covering an area of 7000m² and is located in the central area of Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City. Our fast, friendly and efficient service provides a full range of protective inflatable air packaging products and solutions, including below categories:
1. Air column bag and packing material for electronics, crafts, toner cartridges, wine industry, home appliances and various kinds of packaging applications;
2. Air column roll and air bubble wrapping roll material as innovative packaging materials compared with traditional bubble wrapping material;
3. Air cushion for presenting showroom handbags, pack bags, suitcases or shipping carton void fillings;
4. Air pillow and bubble wrapping film roll running on our auto-inflation machine systems;
5. Dunnage bags for container inner void gaps filling;
6. Auto air column inflation machine systems;
7. R&D in air packaging machine and different kinds of air packaging materials.
Pack Well Air Packaging is a leading supplier of packaging, both wholesale and retail into domestic and abroad market. From the developing strategy we follow, we are looking for long-term partners worldwide to join us and share the air packaging future with us.
As an experienced manufacturer with powerful R&D ability, healthy supply chain management in our team, one of our biggest advantages above others is we are always in a position to adjust or redesign the product on your request.
Follow us! Air we share, innovation we care!China Fresh Fruit Air Column Bag
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